Tips For Students

tips-for-students_web1.  Focus On Getting Good Grades Beginning in 9th Grade
Many college admission officers carefully review the student’s transcripts from 9th grade until the first semester of their high school senior year.  Therefore it’s important for you to make sure you focus on your studies the moment you enter high school in order to maintain good grades.

2.  Participate In Sports, Clubs And Organizations
Getting involved in extracurricular activities can be a great asset for any student who are applying for college.  It demonstrates a well-rounded student, ability to engage in teamwork as well as learning how to follow instructions.

3.  Get To Know Your Teachers And Build Good Relationships With Them
By building a strong relationship with your teachers early on in high school, they would be more inclined to assist you when you are having a difficult time in your studies.  In addition, you may need them to provide you with letters of recommendation in the future.

4.  Meet With Your Guidance Counselors As Soon As Possible
Because most guidance counselors are assigned between 300-500 students during the school year, their workload could be overwhelming to provide you with the adequate time you need for proper guidance.  It is very important that you schedule a time to meet with your guidance counselor at the beginning of your high school semester to assist you in planning your high school courses and career.

5.  Learn To Develop Good Study Habits
As you enter your high school year, it is important to develop good habits that can carry you all the way through your college years.  These habits included:  attending classes regularly, being prepared for class, taking good notes during class, completing homework assignments in a timely manner, set aside some time to study for each class as well as reviewing your notes daily.

6.  Practice Time Management
An average high school student spend 35 hours per week of class time while a college student logs an average of 15 hours per week.  Learn how to manage your time wisely can go a long way when you enter your freshman year in college.  Start by using a daily and weekly planner.  Prioritize what is most important for you to accomplish each day and each week.  Be sure to allocate enough time to accomplish each task.

7.  Get A Part-Time Job To Gain Work Experience
Most students acquire part-time jobs for additional spending money.  However, the intangible gain is to attain work experience and to demonstrate the ability to:  follow instructions, manage your time wisely, ability to balance your work and study time, as well as to work well with others.

8.  Volunteer In Your Local Community
Colleges often decide whether a student can demonstrate “added value” to their school.  One way a student can provide proof is through their volunteer efforts in the local community.  This involves participating in church events, organizations and fundraising effort.  Be sure to get letters of recommendations from the organizer once you have completed your volunteer work.

9.  Get Involved In Leadership Positions
Although participating in sports, clubs and organization is a good start, it is more important to be engaged in your activities by being accountable for important tasks.  By holding a position from a leadership role, your student portfolio can be greatly enhanced.

10.  Get Advice From Family & Friends Who Are In The Career You Would Like To Pursue
Ask your parents, aunts & uncles or family friends who are currently working in the field you are interested in pursuing.  Find out what made them decide to pursue that particular career.  Ask advice from them as to what steps you need to take to pursue their career.  Make sure you also find out whether they are happy in their job/income.  This will help you to determine as to whether you would want to pursuit that particular career you are looking for.