Why CPA?

5-Step Strategic College Planning

5-STEPCPA helps high school students prepare for college through our 5-step holistic and comprehensive approach:


1_2STEP 1. College & Career Development
Before any parent invests thousands of dollars towards their child’s education, it is very important to conduct an assessment on the student to determine what career path would best align with the student’s personal interest, skills and work values.

Student Personal Interest Assessment – Provides the opportunity to explore what you like to do – your interests – then generates an easy-to-read interest summary report that matches your results to specific career paths or clusters.

Student Skills Assessment – Asks you to rate tasks and activities according to the confidence you have in performing or acquiring that skill.

Student Work Values Assessment – Whether it’s high income, prestige, a sense of accomplishment, a pleasant environment or something in between, learning what you value in the workplace is an important part of finding the right career.

2_2STEP 2. College Preparation & Guidance
Prior to entering their high school freshmen year, our CPA Coaches work with students to carefully identify the courses to take that will align with their career field. Our planning encompasses different grade level of studies as well as specific programs that will help student gain knowledge and experience towards their career.

We provide a customized timeline action plan each month as to what each student should do in building up their student portfolio in preparation for their college admissions process. This would include:

• Participation in clubs and organizations

• Volunteer work in local communities

• Prep classes to take for their entrance exams

• Classes to take to better their chances for college acceptance

3_1STEP 3. College Admissions Assistance
College Admissions offices accept or reject students based on three major criteria:

1. Academic Record (GPA/Grades, Class Rank, Curriculum)

2. Test Scores (SAT & ACT)

3. Extracurricular Activities (Community Service, Clubs & Sports, Leadership Roles)

Our CPA Coaches guide students on steps to take when applying to a college for the best chance to getting into the best fit college of their choice. We start by: a) listing the colleges to apply to; b) narrowing it down to targeted schools; and c) following up with the application process.

4STEP 4. College Search and Selection
Students need to consider a variety of criteria before making decision as to which college to enroll in. Our CPA Coach work with the student to identify which criteria is most important before narrowing it down to the final choice.

 •  Academic Standards  •  Admission Requirements
 •  Admissions Competitiveness  •  Geographic Location
 •  Major/Degree Offerings  •  Professor to Student Ratio
 •  Scholarship/Grant to Loan Ratio  •  Student Population
 •  Out Of Pocket Cost  •  Ethnic Mix
 •  Campus Culture  •  Campus Housing
 •  Campus Location & Layout  •  College Reputation
 •  Intercollegiate Athletics  •  Intramural Athletics
 •  Campus Activities  •  Campus Healthcare Services
 •  Career Placement Reputation  •  Alumni Association Involvement

5_1STEP 5. College Financial Aid
Many parents decide which college their child should attend primarily based on the cost of attending a particular school. Quite often, this is the wrong approach.

Our CPA Coaches provide reports comparing colleges and universities in a concise format that distinguishes key features/benefits/cost breakdown from each school. This report outlines information that is critical in making the proper decision in choosing the “right college.”

In addition, we also compare the Cost of Attendance (tuition, fees, books, transportation, etc.), Expected Family Contribution, Need-Aid eligibility, Gift-aid eligibility, and Self-help aid to determine the out-of-pocket cost for the student to attend each college or university.