About Us

College Planning of America (CPA) was built based on its core mission:  to help families engage in the preparation for their children’s future education.  We believe that the next generation of leaders will be generated through a proper educational foundation and our focus is to direct those students in the right career path.

College Planning of America (CPA) Description

College admissions have become increasingly more competitive due to the number of applicants that have risen over the years. In addition, the cost to attend a 4-year college or university has increased dramatically today as compared to 10 years ago. As a result of this, many parents and students are turning to college experts to help them navigate through the stressful process of researching and applying to the proper colleges.

The College Planning of America is a college planning, coaching and funding program, the purpose of which is to help students and parents successfully navigate through the complex college preparation, selection and funding process.  Our team of educators has helped students from different walks of life worldwide in preparing for the college that best fits their needs.  Our great success is attributed to the holistic and comprehensive approach that we have developed which addresses the five major components in college planning:


Each component plays a very critical part in the college planning process and our assigned CPA Coaches work diligently to help students through each step of the way. Our CPA Coaches can help by utilizing different strategies to match the student’s strengths, skills and interests with the proper career, degree and school.

Our CPA’s college planning strategy begins with a comprehensive review of the student’s enrollment form, academic records, entrance exams scores as well as the student’s profile. Our CPA Coach will carefully review the student’s strengths, needs, values, goals, priorities, as well as preferences, and develop a plan in helping the student reach his/her goal. All students enrolled in the CPA Program will be required to complete the 3 student’s assessments in order for the coaching process to begin.

NOTE: If we do not feel that we can bring value to the student in the college planning process, we will simply decline the enrollment and provide a full refund within 72 hours from receiving the payment.

Qualifications To Enroll In Our CPA Programs:

-  Must be at least in 9th grade

-  Minimum 3.0 GPA

-  Must pursue an accredited school

-  Must commit and work with assigned CPA Coach