College Planning of America

for-parentsHow can College Planning of America help my student?
College Planning of America helps students and parents successfully navigate through the complex college preparation, selection and funding process.  Our program addresses the five major components in college planning – College & Career Development, College Selection, College Preparation & Guidance, College Financial Aid and College Admissions Assistance.

What are the benefits of paying for a personal College Coach?
College Planning of America assigns each student a dedicated college coach who can provide individual assistance on every step of the college planning process, from the college search, through essays, interviews, scholarship searches, and more.  The service you receive will assure you that the investment you make in college tuition for your student will be spent wisely.  This individualized coaching relieves any tension that usually develops between parent and child during the college planning process.  The Coach holds each student accountable for each task needed to be completed in the college planning process.

Doesn’t a high school guidance counselor provide sufficient advice for my student?
Although a high school guidance counselor may provide advice for a student, according to the U.S. Department of Education* – there are 407 students to one advisor, with extremely limited time per student.  College Planning of America assigns each student a dedicated college coach who will guide your student based on his/her strengths and interests resulting from the assessments.

Does your program focus only on students interested in attending IVY League and elite schools?
No. CPA is a program that can assist and guide students with various academic abilities in the college planning process.  The students enrolled in our program have been admitted to many different types of colleges & universities.

What makes CPA different from other college planning services?
CPA doesn’t consist of just one expert but it is a whole team of experts in college planning.  It has a collective knowledge base that provides access into specific information on the different colleges and universities in the nation. We provide a holistic approach in the college planning process.

How can a CPA College Coach help my disorganized student stay on top of the many deadlines associated with college planning?
Our CPA College Coach provides each student with regular communication to make sure that he/she is aware of his/her specific responsibilities.  The College Coach also provides the student with a personalized plan that includes a detailed deadline schedule and has a system of tracking whether the student has complied with all instructions and completed all assignments  he/she has been given.  The program allows the student to manage their time more efficiently during this overwhelming process.

Are the CPA College Coaches on a strict or rigid time schedule?
Our CPA College Coaches work on flexible schedules to accommodate the busy student and parents.

Are parents allowed to communicate with the College Coach?
Parents are encouraged to communicate with the College Coach and are copied on all communications between the student and his/her CPA Coach.

What are the forms of communication between the College Coach and the student/parent?
There are various forms of communication between our CPA College Coaches and the student/parent.  Communications occur via Skype, videoconferencing, phone calls and mostly via email.

Where are the College Coaches located?  Will my student be assigned a College Coach in our local area?
College Planning of America has worked successfully with students nationwide.  Our CPA College Coaches are available by phone, videoconference and email.

When is the best time to enroll my student in College Planning of America?
College Planning of America benefits students throughout high school from their freshman year to their senior year.  Ideally, enrolling the student as he/she enters his/her high school freshmen year will provide a better chance for success in our program.

Do parents have a role in the process?
Parents will be copied on all communication between the CPA College Coach and the student and will be able to communicate with the CPA College Coach directly.  The role of parents is to monitor, encourage, and motivate their student.  Parents should also provide guidance in the college selection process.  They also have a role in filling out the FAFSA by providing the financial information requested on the application.

Does College Planning of America offer advice or resources on financing college education?
College Planning of America
has a staff of Certified College Planners® and CFE Certified Financial Educators® who can work with a family to evaluate their financial portfolio and create a strategy for them to finance their student’s college education.

Will this program assist my student in applying for student aid such as scholarships and grants?
Our CPA College Coaches will guide the student through the process of getting the maximum Federal, State and College Aid and encourage the student to work hard and apply to enough scholarships for success.  They will also guide the student on strategies to increase merit-based and need-based aid.  Students will be provided a listing of scholarships available for each student based on his/her own qualification profile.

How long can my student remain in the CPA program?
Students may remain in the program throughout high school and even college as long as they pay the annual renewal fee.  College Planning of America provides not only college planning but career planning, as well.  We help students in developing a proper resume to demonstrate their skills set, experience, education and characteristics to match what the colleges and employers are looking for.

What do I do to enroll my student into the College Planning of America Program?
Please complete the enrollment form or contact us at www.collegeplanningofamerica.org so we can begin to assist your student in his/her college planning process.