For Students

for-students10Once you reach high school, you have choices about the courses you take. While it’s tempting to take the basic classes you need to graduate, you will be more prepared for college if you take courses that will help you for admissions into the right college as well as qualify for scholarships and grants. How do you determine which classes to take, what extracurricular activities to participate in or what do colleges look for?

Our College Planning of America (CPA) Program provides students guidance in the college planning and preparation process. Our CPA Coach work with students from their freshmen year all the way to the end of their senior year. Each student is first required to complete the student’s assessment to determine his/her interests, skills, and work values. Our designated CPA Coach assigns monthly tasks to help build a student’s high school portfolio to compete with other students during the admissions process. The CPA Program uses the 5-step holistic and comprehensive approach in the college planning process.

To learn more about the 5-step holistic and comprehensive approach, click here: (Why CPA)