Suzuki Recorder School (Soprano and Alto Recorder), Vol 5:

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If you would like music to play you can play trombone or baritone B. ADAM HILL I’ve also had luck with placing a mic over the shoulder of the sax player. In 1989 she finished a Graduate Diploma of Arts in Music at the Victorian College of the Arts with a HECS scholarship and, in 2009 she completed a Master of Teaching Degree at Sydney University. Instruments are sent �on approval for five days�. Learn about the flute, recorder, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and explore ancient instruments such as the ney and ocarina.

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Publisher: Alfred Music (August 1, 2008)

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You will receive a receipt for your consignment instrument and any possible repairs needed when you leave your instrument in our violin shop area at the same address , source: b-stocks & blowouts in titles & description Zoom H1 Po... Up For Auction is a TASCAM Digital Portastudio NEW in Open ... This flute has only had one owner and is in exceptional condition for a used flute. Meet the seller in person and inspect items before paying. Don’t wire money or take advance payments In this system, only the tenor is non-transposing while all other parts would transpose up or down in fourths, fifths and octaves as appropriate. Urtext editions of baroque music may preserve the baroque practice of writing treble(alto) recorder parts in the Violin clef (G clef on the bottom line of the stave) online. We have thousands of used guitars, drums, keyboards, recording equipment and more. Woodwind: Morceaux choisies et arrangés par Duncan Reid Contenu... EWI/ Electronic Woodwind Instrument Fingering Chart. August 29, 2013 by admin Category: Uncategorized No Comments. EWI Series: Akai Professional - Iconic music production gear, including.. , cited: “Crystal Records is the wind aficionado’s best friend, and has been since 1966, when it was founded by oboist Peter Christ.” International Record Review 50th ANNIVERSARY (1966-2016). 50% discount on select CDs marked 50% off (or half-price) Recorders are made in a variety of sizes. They are most often tuned in C or F, meaning that their lowest note possible is a C or an F. However, instruments in D, B flat, G, and E flat were not uncommon historically and are still found today, especially the tenor recorder in D, which is called a "voice-flute."

The flute is usually silver-plated, while the oboe, clarinet and bassoon are usually made of wood. (Plastic instruments are also available, but most professional musicians choose wood because the sound is better.) Each of the woodwind instruments has a very distinct sound ref.: I used to really play up my strings and brass and hide my woodwinds, but now I’m finding that I’m writing with a preference toward the woodwinds, and that I’m actually using them to make my brass and strings sound better A flute, for example, has a mouthpiece, which slots into the left-hand joint, which slots into the right-hand joint. The clarinet usually comes split into five parts. This has several benefits: if one part of the instrument splits or cracks, a new joint can be bought instead of a whole new instrument the instrument can be put away in a small, rectangular box, which is much easier for carrying the individual parts of the instrument can be easily cleaned , source:
However, among serious amateurs and professionals, two other pitch standards are commonly found. For the performance of baroque music, A=415 Hz is the de facto standard, [42] while pre-Baroque music is often performed at A=440 Hz or A=466 Hz. [43] These pitch standards are intended to reflect the broad variation in pitch standards throughout the history of the recorder online. Lew Paxton Price Secrets of the Flute: The Physics, Math and Design of the Non-Mechanical Folk Flute 1991. The math never gets nasty, if you survived trig, you'll get through this book. This covers fipple flutes and sideblown flutes, including calculations that will work for a rennisance flute. Over 200 pages of folk flute history, measurements, and construction techniques , cited: Tilbury Whistles are back and better than ever! Still working on the time it takes to fill an order, but it's getting better all the time download! Teaching is possible in Mike’s studios in Neutral Bay or Ryde or at student’s home. You have no items in your shopping cart. Web Design / Programmer (at our Berwyn, PA headquarters) Learning to play a musical instrument is a challenging and rewarding experience that you can enjoy for the rest of your life Wrap the cork all the way around, and up onto the ramp. Pay special attention to where the cork overlaps onto itself, and make sure it’s securely bonded. Trim away the excess cork, and sand the seam smooth. With the composite cork, the seam is practically invisible if you do a good job with the sanding , source: A selection of pro audio gear and musical instruments that's pretty hard to beat! Amazon: One of the planet's most mind-boggling arrays of goods. Now they've added every other product on the planet , e.g.
They are not paid ads, but rather companies with whom we have selectively chosen to partner. We do earn a referral fee if you find something you like or need and purchase it. We have striven to bring you the "best in breed" companies ... those that: we like, our friends like, have great sites and service, have good online reviews, positive consumer reports, and are family friendly Included is a Wi-Fi function for controlling its transport and transferring files to a smartphone or computer , cited: For emergency situations involving cracked instruments, tenon corks, and broken case latches, or when you feel that your oboe needs a bit of immediate minor adjustment, you can find some helpful information on John Peterson's web page: ref.: The goal of all musical instruments is to produce sound. This is accomplished in many different ways, yielding a wide variety of sounds, playing techniques, and extraordinary looking instruments. This guide explains how certain groups of instruments produce their sound , e.g. The flute (top) and clarinet (middle) are nearly cylinders In my experience, hardly any recorder players smoke, so this should be a rare occurrence. So please, no smoke, mildew or lipstick, and brush your teeth before playing--all things you should do if the instrument were yours. I don't give out customer contact information to other companies. Are you looking for low-cost with Black Friday Toy Instruments - Disney Princess Flute Recorder - Belle Flute Deals ?, We offer for the way to special price during the holiday season is to take advantage of Black Friday Deals 2012 , source: You could unknowingly enter into a contract requiring payments for several years and end up paying full retail or MORE. Some GREAT benefits of our Lease-to-Own plan: ALL instruments are brand new at the beginning of your lease-to-own plan and covered by their original manufacturer warranty. After only 12 successful payments you will own your instrument! The entire instrument is checked over, and the necessary repairs and adjustments are made to ensure that the instrument is in optimal playing condition. Any pads that are not sealing are reseated and replaced if needed. The keys are adjusted and regulated to ensure proper feel. Key heights are also adjusted for maximum projection. Keys are oiled, and the instrument is thoroughly play tested , cited: The Early Music Consort - David Munrow, dir. Shawm (with disc) - Anon., Italy, 14th c On woodwinds (including sax), we supply missing parts, install new pads (repadding), replace head cork, new felt, new key corks, new springs, pivot screws, guard screws, and new posts. We also re-level pads and regulate them, round out and adjust joints and tenons for proper fit, improve the action, remove dents, unsolder, or solder and re-solder loose parts, align and reposition and reshape and straighten bent keys and rods, levers and springs, and eliminate buzzes and noises Here is a picture of Claire and me on the stand at The Rencontre de Luthiers et Maitre Sonneurs, Chateau D' Ars ( St. We have four repair staff members who have have a combined total of over seventy years of experience doing woodwind repair: We regularly service the instruments of members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and Los Angeles Opera, as well as those of Hollywood studio musicians and performers across the country and around the world , source:

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