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Gentlemen, I'd like to salute the staff at your Sam Ash Huntington location. They are especially drawn to the works of J. I thought you might be interested in this item at Title: Flutes, recorders and other woodwind Author: Simon Walton Publisher: London: Watts, 2003. And Brass! are thrilled to announce their unique new department, Triangles, to the public, and hope we can service all your triangular needs! Instrument makers in different countries developed different patterns of keys, so if you buy a German clarinet you might need to learn a different set of fingerings than you need for an English one!

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We've got FREE Selmer Mouthpieces with Saxes, FREE Vandoren mouthpieces... Somerset County Youth Orchestra auditions next week - it's not too late! It is common practice when upgrading your clarinet to also upgrade your mouthpiece and here you can save more... This month we're giving free Selmer S80 C* Mouthpieces with Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones over £1000 and... Buy a step-up oboe, instore, or online and get a Legere reed (worth £137) for FREE! Interesting idea, but perhaps the sound of crashing waves is enough! Seriously impressive dance moves.. , e.g. Was music used for religious ceremonies, secular purposes, part of drama? Who in the society listened to and played music? Was is just the rich or educated who could afford instruments Packages delivered outside the US may incur customs or import taxes. For all international shipments, we identify the order contents and cost of the order on the custom form, however, we have no control over whether your country will charge customs or import tax when the package arrives. The person who received the order is responsible for paying all customs or import tax GM Genuine. #br4023 $73.95 Alto sax mouthpiece kit - LeBlanc veto II. #2544pk $44.55 Ligature for Alto Sax Mouthpiece, nickel. Alto Sax mouthpiece, plastic, without ligature or cap #Bs2n $25.80 Alto Sax mouthpiece, plastic, with nickel ligature and nickel cap #Bs2nk $34.80 Tenor Sax plastic mouthpiece with nickel Ligature and Nickel Cap. "BandStand" brand. #mth-bs3n. $33.10 "Pad Saver" absorbant cleaning brush for Alto Sax #239 A. $23.25 Reed Guard II, 1 pair that each hold two reeds, either clarinet or alto sax. black plastic. #REE- RGRD2A. $8.95 Reed Guard IV - holds four clarinet or alto sax reeds --black plastic #REE-RGRD4A. $8.95 Reeds: #2.5 Primo Clarinet -- 10 per box #Ree-MCL25 @ $22.16 per box, (or individually for $2.95 each) Reeds: #2 Primo SOPRANO SAX. 10 per box #REE-MSSX20 @$22.15 per box, (or individually for $2.95 each Reeds: #2.5 Primo Alto Sax. 10 per box #REE-MASX25 @$26.20 per box, (or individually for $3.25 each) Reeds: "Gonzalez" high grade #2.5 Clarinet reeds. #clarG25 --10 per box @$35.00 (or individually for $4.50 each.) Sax Neck cleaner brush #871P. $9.50 Tuning Forks -- strong square nickel tines - #2922wt. $14.90 Emerald oboe Reed carefully made. $9.95 transparent protective mouthpiece cushions for clarinet or alto sax 6 in a pack. made in France by Vandoren. # mth-vmc6 $15.25 We are an authorized dealer and service depot of Conn - Selmer company instruments: Conn, Selmer, Bach, King, Yanagisawa, Armstrong, Emerson, Prelude, Aristocrat, Vito, Bliss, Lewis & Son, David Adler, etc

Awesome :) I used a simpler style of mouthpiece (howtern's) since I couldn't find any CPVC and so used 1/2 inch PVC pipe for the body but it plays fine that way. I think that if a person could find different configurations you could swap mouthpieces between pipes to have different ones. Having it swappable saves a lot of work for trying out the different pipes, once you get a mouthpiece you like.

Years ago, someone I knew was making shakuhachi bamboo flutes and I could never get a sound out of them , source: Any open hole on the instrument also produces sound. As a result, the saxophone radiates sound in a much wider pattern than brass, for example, and a common technique is to position microphones to pick up sound from the holes and the bell. DEAN GIAVARAS That’s the crux of miking a saxophone well: recognizing and acknowledging the fact that the sound is a column of air that moves through the horn from the mouthpiece to the end of the bell

Whilst he was responsible for broadening interest beyond that of the early music specialist in the UK, Dolmetsch was far from being solely responsible for the recorder's revival Rottenburgh Recorders Like the violin, the "classical" recorder originates from the Baroque Era The Hood Flute Swab is the first and only swab designed to remove condensation and reduce odors in flute headjoints. Reusable-may be rinsed in warm water for freshness and maximum absorbency. The D’Luca Flute Cleaning Care Kit Provides everything you need to keep your flute clean and extend its life If you are an international student and you are interested in applying for the MPAP Summer Programs, please visit the International Students page Please use the contact page to enquire about availability. If I don't have any whistles at the moment, I can probably refer you to someone who does. If you would like to have a recording or video of you playing a Tilbury whistle, I would be pleased to post it here on my web site. Our mission is to spread and promote the joy of Irish Traditional Music by providing top quality instruments at a reasonable price, ant to bring people into contact with the music by attending venues where that is possible download. See this French saxophone site for a great series of pics on the fabrication of saxophones Dolmetsch, Carl F. 1950. “On Playing the Recorder.” Consort 7: 18–21. Green, David H. 2016. “ Adult Recorder Methods and Materials, an Annotated List of Recommended Publications. ” Antique Sound Workshop, Ltd We offer straightforward advice to help you choose not only an instrument, but also mouthpieces, cases, reeds and other accessories to make you a happy player! Our in-house team of repair specialists offer a comprehensive repair service for woodwind and brass instruments online.
In a compelling narrative that combines biography, cultural history, and technical organological enquiry, Geoffrey Burgess explores von Huene’s impact on the craft of historical instrument–making and the role organology has played in the emergence of the Early Music movement in the post-war era , source: In this guide, we will explore some of the oldest and finest instruments and know how easy it is to learn them , e.g. We saw above that the clarinet has only the odd numbered members of the harmonic series, so the gap between the first register and the second is a frequency ratio of three (a musical twelfth, or 19 semitones). All other woodwind players can play a scale of one octave and then use (nearly) the same fingerings again for the next register The worst stretch on most tenors is for hole 4, pulling your index finger up while your ring finger wants to cover the D/D# holes and your pinky wants to go down for the C/C# holes or keys. Many people also have problems with hole 3, the left hand ring finger Music for Alto and Tenor Saxophones has same choices as Flute and Clarinet – great composers of Baroque and Classical era, Romantic and Traditional styles. Duets are not only for two Saxophones but also with combinations with other woodwinds Finally a modern sax that actually captures the sound and feel of those treasured classic saxes of the past - while adding state-of-the-art intonation and mechanism. Based on the scale of the classic '62' models, the new Custom Z saxes have bodies that are made of a special brass alloy for lighter weight, a great playing 'feel', and the kind of tonal flexibility you've always dreamed of Each horizontal line represents one partial (or harmonic) starting from the bottom (the fundamental) upwards Hermann Moeck models include a sopranino in f2, a soprano in c2, an alto in f1, a tenor in c1 with fontanelle, and a bass in f with fontanelle. Morley: The First Booke of Consort Lessons (London, 1599) T. Greeting: The Pleasant Companion, or New Lessons and Instructions for the Flageolet (London, 1661) J ref.: The French Horn is made from a twelve foot length of brass tube, which is coiled into a complicated shape in order to make the instrument portable. The length of the tube can be changed by pressing down combinations of valves which bring extra lengths of tubing into use. A range of notes can be obtained by changing lip pressure on the funnel-shaped mouth-piece and by use of the valves. The tone can also be muted when the player puts his hand into the wide bell of the instrument I am hoping that they will update it soon. The build quality of the device is very good for the price and I really like the setup along with the formats it allows you to use and other features that make this device very convenient. I play on updating this review as I use it more and issues get fixed. I also have a video review on YouTube with more detail and ofcourse you can see the device in action as well as the whole menu system and app running ref.:

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